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“Honoring and Remembering Chemical Exposure Victims”

Agent Orange 50 Gallon DrumsAs a MOS 0848 Field artillery operations man in the USMC, Sergeant Paul Ehline was at most of the forward Marine firebases in Vietnam, from 1967-1969 where Agent Orange and other chemicals and defoliants were heavily used to clear the jungle of foliage. Not only that, but when Sgt. Ehline was sent to Camp Lejeune after his first tour, he was exposed to contaminated drinking water at that base.

So Paul got a double whammy of defoliants collectively known as Agent Orange and toxic water while stationed at the East Coast Marine Base. As a consequence, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2016. Paul spent years trying to get approved for stem cell therapy and other anti-cancer treatments, while undergoing painful, tiresome chemotherapy.


He never filed a class action lawsuit against any manufacturers of Agent Orange, and he just wanted to be a good Marine. Paul died in 2019 from cancer at 73 years young.

We will establish private grants and co-author legislation to help military veterans around the world. Do you or a loved one need help obtaining medical and disability compensation, or death benefits?

Are you a combat veteran who wants to volunteer some time helping our league of advocates? We have a place for you helping all U.S. veterans.

As the Foundation applies for non profit status, we seek to continue expanding our flock and pushing our mission to hold both private and public wrongdoers accountable. From our home location in Las Vegas, Nevada AOF provides connections with VSO agents, chemical exposure lawyers, legislators and others.

Paul’s son, Michael Ehline, a consumer lawyer in Southern California, was late to the game in understanding the plight of Vietnam veterans like his father when dealing with the VA and red tape.

The pain Michael has endured since losing with father led Michael to become a lobbyist, fighting on behalf of military toxic exposure victims to pass laws opening up El Toro Marine Base, as well as Marine Corps Helicopter Air Station in Tustin, California.

Brownwater Navy Spraying Agent Orange in VietnamMichael wants people to stand up for themselves and question everything people say, ESPECIALLY if they have the power of the state and for profit media in charge of the official narrative. Agent Orange was said to be safe by politicians, even though the manufacturers and others knew that was a lie. 

Years later, surviving and struggling families are left holding the bag. When politicians and those in command cover things up, or put profits over people, AgentOrange.Org is there to right the ship and stand up for the true sovereign, “We the People.” Michael has formed the AgentOrange.Org Foundation with the help if other veterans to help educate civilians, veterans and active duty personnel about chemicals and defoliants like Agent Orange, including burn pits, solvents and even fire retardants that can kill, and even alter your DNA, mutating and injuring your own children. Michael helped form the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride in 2021, which is a memorial motorcycle ride across the nation raising awareness about service related cancer. In the process, Michael Ehline has become one of the leading advocates for veterans and families adversely affected by Agent Orange poisoning.

The Paul Ehline Ride brought a wealth of experience and grassroots relationships with other vets and lawyers across the United States who are now volunteering their time to help victims under the PACT ACT settlement. But there is more work to be done. Agent Orange has become a term that denotes any types of toxic chemical exposure to vets.

The Agent Orange Foundation wants to find ways to give veterans the rights to hire the lawyer of their choice, not just someone in North Carolina. The AOF wants to open up West Coast military bases to the same protections as Marines who served in Nam, Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Cash needs to distributed directly to the family’s Agent Orange victims and others exposed to chemicals like Benzene. Are you dealing with the fallout of Parkinson’s Disease, or some other type of military related cancer. Help us establish a nationwide consortium lawyers, motorcycle riders, and other grassroots organizations to build private funds and locate veteran friendly lawyers to administer lawsuits, settlement funds and government grants/set asides.

We can help victims with case-managed social services, explain medical assistance, and offer financial support through grants to help eligible veterans and surviving families throughout the United States.

Paul Ehline With Mong Villagers
C123 Spraying Agent Orange
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